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 [ECO] sales contract

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: [ECO] sales contract   Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:39 am

Silver Union


No. : …………….

Date : ……………….


This Agreement executed in between :

Tel ……..

(hereinafter referred to as the ‘BUYER’ )


(hereinafter referred to as the ‘SELLER’)

NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED AND DECLARED in between the SELLER and the BUYER as follows :

1. Commodity and Quantity : 1.1 Commodity : Tapioca Chips
1.2 Origin : Vietnam
1.3 Quantity : 3,000 Mts More or less 5% at Buyer’s option.

2. Shipment : Buyer shall nominate vessel to Seller and the vessel to reach loading port middle of August 2008 for loading 3,000 Mts More or less 5% at Buyer’s option as per following terms : - FOB ST terms basis
- Port of Loading : Qui nhon Port, Vietnam
- Port of Discharge : Any Port in China

3. Specifications : Tapioca Peel / bark is removed
Specification – Starch : 70%min
Raw Fibre : 4%max
Moisture : 14.5%max
Foreign matter including Sand / Silica : 2%max

** Heavy Elements contents – PB (Lead) : 0.2mg/kg max
AS (Arsenic) : 0.2mg/kg max.
NAHSO3/SO2 : 0.03g/kg max.

4. Packing : In Bulk

5. Unit Price : USD 188 PMT (U.S. Dollars one hundred and eighty - eight per Metric Ton only) FOB ST Qui Nhon Port, Vietnam including cost of ashore cranes arranged by Seller

Silver Union
(Group) No. :

Date :

6. Quality and Quantity determination :

6.1 Weight and Quality : As per certificate issued at the Port of loading by SGS Vietnam Ltd or VFC (Viet Flame Control Joint Stock Company) to be nominated by Buyer. The cost for surveyor is to be the account of Seller
Weight to be determined by vessel draft survey conducted by SGS Vietnam Ltd or VFC. The Inspection Company shall provide the corresponding Certificate of Quality and Quantity/Weight for the shipment, the result or findings of which shall be conclusive, final and binding between the Buyer and Seller for invoicing purposes.

6.2 Inspection :
The Buyer and/or their representatives have the rights to inspect the cargo at any stages of the processing, warehousing and loading vessel operation
The Buyer and/or their representatives reserve the rights to reject any cargo which is not strictly in conformity with the terms and conditions of the contract.

6.3 Right to Attend Survey and Inspection :
Each party, at its own expense, shall have the right to appoint representative(s) to attend loading / discharge of tapioca chips and to collect samples and / or observe sampling and analysis being performed by the independent inspection agency.

6.4 Fumigation to be carried out immediately after completing of loading and the fumigation to be done by the surveyors of the Independent Fumigation Company which must be recognized by the Vietnam Government and nominated by the Buyer but at the cost of Seller. Certificate of Fumigation should be issued by the Independent Fumigation Company who arranged the fumigation of the subject shipment.
After fumigation conducted the said shipment is free from mould and live insects

6.5 Upon fumigation, Phytosanitary Certificate to be arranged by Government Authority within 24 hours after completing of loading.

7. Insurance : Insurance shall be covered by the Buyer/Ultimate receivers of the cargo at their cost from the port of loading in Vietnam to the port of discharge in China.

8. Loading terms :

8.1 The loading rate shall be 1,300 MTS Per Weather Working Day 24 consecutive Hours Sundays and Holidays Included
8.2 Time allowed for loading is to be calculated with total net quantity loaded divided by loading rate.
8.3 Notice of Readiness ( N.O.R. ) can be tendered Monday to Saturday in writing or telex or radio of fax by vessel or agents WIPON, WIBON, WCCON, WIFPON. Laytime commencement as per GENCON ie. Laytime to commence from 1300 Hrs the same day if N.O.R. tendered before noon and from 0800 Hrs the following day if N.O.R. tendered afternoon unless sooner loading commenced. If N.O.R. is tendered on Saturday afternoon, laytime to commence on the next Monday at 08.00 hours
8.4 In the event that Seller fails to maintain loading rate herein above provided, Seller shall pay demurrage at the rate stipulated in the Charter Party. Despatch half of demurrage amount for laytime saved. Demurrage / Despatch rates as U$2,000/1,000
8.5 Owner’s vessel agent at Port of Loading
8.6 Seller to load at one safe berth always afloat, always accessible at one safe port.
8.7 All opening / closing of hatches at Port of Loading to be at Owner’s cost
8.8 All other terms not conflicting with above to be as per Gencon Charter Party with latest amendments.
8.9 Times used for obtaining necessary passes or surveyor’s approval of cargo holds inspection not to count

Silver Union
(Group) No. :

Date :

9. Terms of Payment :

9.1 Letter of Credit (L/C) :

Buyer or its representatives shall establish an Irrevocable 100% at sight Letter of Credit directly from a bank in Hong Kong or Singapore in favor of Seller not later than 05th Aug., 2008.
L/C to be advised to Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Binh Dinh Branch, Vietnam, SWIFT Code BIDVVNVX580 . Such L/C to be arranged at the amount of US$ 188 Per Metric Ton FOB ST Quinhon Port, Vietnam. L/C amounting to the contract value in USD and payable against Beneficiary’s draft payable 100% at sight.

9.2 Documents required in L/C which Seller must submit to the bank for negotiation as follows :
a) Commercial invoice 3 Original
b) 3/3 Original Clean on Board Ocean Bills of Lading made out to order and blank endorsed, marked “Freight Prepaid” and notifying L/C applicant
c) Certificate of Origin in 1 Copy to be issued by SGS Vietnam Ltd or VFC (the date of this Certificate of Origin after B/L date acceptable)
d) Certificate of Quality in 1 Copy to be issued by SGS Vietnam Ltd or VFC
e) Certificate of Quantity / Weight in 1 Copy to be issued by SGS Vietnam Ltd or VFC
f) Certificate of Analysis in 1 Copy to be issued by SGS Vietnam Ltd or VFC
g) Certificate of Hatches/Holds cleanliness survey in 1 Copy to be issued by SGS Vietnam Ltd or VFC
h) Certificate of Fumigation in 1 Copy to be issued by an independent Fumigation Company in Vietnam
i) Certificate of Origin (form E) in 1 photocopy to be issued by a Government Authority in Vietnam (the date of Certificate of Origin after B/L date acceptable)
j) Phytosanitary Certificate in 1 Copy to be issued by a Government Authority in Vietnam
k) Beneficiary’s shipping advice dispatched to L/C applicant by fax within 24 hours after shipment advising name of vessel, shipment date, quantity, weight, Contract No., L/C No., Commodity and Value of shipment.
l) Beneficiary’s Certificate showing that :
1) Seller has faxed a full set of non-negotiable shipping documents to L/C applicant within 3 working days after shipment effected
2) Seller has dispatched the following documents to L/C Applicant directly by DHL courier service within 3 working days after shipment date :
i) 1 Photocopy of the Original “Freight Prepaid” B/L
ii) 1 Original and 2 Copies each of Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Quantity/Weight, Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Hatches/Holds cleanliness survey issued by SGS Vietnam Ltd / VFC
iii) 2 Originals and 1 Copy of Certificate of Fumigation issued by Independent Fumigation Company in Vietnam
iv) 1 Original , 1 Triplicate and 1 Quadruplicate of Certificate of Origin ( Form E ) issued by a competent authority in Vietnam
v) 1 Original and 1 Copy of Phytosanitary Certificate issued by a Government Authority
10. 3) Documents required by all parties concern to be couriered by DHL and upon the arrangement, the Courier receipt(s) must be faxed by Seller to L/C applicant for their tracking with DHL and such receipt to be submitted with the documents stated under 9.2 for negotiation purpose.

11. Bank Charges : All Banking charges at Buyer’s / L/C applicant’s bank are to the account of BUYER
All Banking charges at Seller’s / L/C beneficiary’s bank are to the account of SELLER

Silver Union
(Group) No. :

Date :

12. Notices : Any notice required or permitted by this agreement shall be in writing and in English language and may be delivered personally or by telex, facsimile or prepaid registered mail addressed to the parties as follows :



13. Other terms & Conditions :
12.1 All export formalities (license, permit…etc) and all charges (duties, levies, Taxes, dues etc…) or any other expenses present or future to be for Seller’s account and risk
12.2 Seller’s failure to obtain the relative Export License cannot be treated as Force Majeure
12.3 Once the vessel been nominated, Buyer holds no responsibility caused by the delay of the said vessel.
12.4 All the cargo is required to have re-inspection upon the arrival at the discharging port, hence Fumigation at loading port must be done in proper. Pesticide on the surface of goods cause by Fumigation should not be too mess and must be acceptable by the Department concern before submitting for re-inspection.
12.5 Other terms and conditions as per GAFTA 119 and GAFTA 125.

14. Arbitration : As per regulations of the GAFTA 119 and GAFTA 125 London

15. Effectivity and Validity :
This contract comes into effect immediately upon signing by both SELLER and BUYER via fax and shall be valid until the contracted tonnage under the agreement has been fully consummated. To signify understanding, agreement and acceptance of all conditions above, both parties have hereunto fixed their signatures below :

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[ECO] sales contract
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